Creation and maintenance of business in Russia

Creation and maintenance of business in Russia

Changes in the constituent documents

Changes in the constituent documents

Accreditation of legal bodies’ branches and representative offices

Accreditation of legal bodies’ branches and representative offices

LAC Pactum offers a wide range of services related to registering and doing business in Russia, including accreditation of foreign companies and braches, legal bodies’ rearrangement and dissolution as well as website creation and development and Internet advertising campaign conduction.

Company registration

Any business starts with registration. Our company aids to register legal bodies of all business categories - LLC, OJSC, JSC, comsumer societies, non-commercial and public organisations, organisations with foreign investments. In addition, we register alterations introduced in the founding documents: change of name, activity, address of actual location, increase and decrease of nominal capital. The company also register alterations, which are not introduced in the founding documents. These are such alterations as change of Director General or change of Members.

As for the rearrangement of legal bodies, LAC Pactum offfers such services as transformation, spin-off, dissolution, merging and takeover to its clients.
In addition to various types of registration, LAC Pactum dissolute legal bodies, accreditate representative offices and branches of foreign-owned legal bodies.

Rearrangement and dissolution of legal bodies

Our company will aid to introduce all kinds of alterations in you firm’s documentation, make a rearrangement, general manager change, share registry and provide a variety of other services related to the firm’s activities. If nececcary we will aid to dissolute a firm correctly, represent interests in tax inspectorate and help to prepare all the documents for firm’s closing down.

Trade mark registration

Trade mark registration provided by our company is a sine qua non for business creation and development in any field. With the registration a company protects itseif from rivals and receives opportunities to collect its own business capital. LAC Pactum’s large experience shows that it’s better to make a decision about registration as rapidly as possible. If one uses trade mark before registering, there is a high risk that rivals will take advantage of the situation and make the registration. In this case the law will be on their side. It’s better not to get into such situations and make the registration as quickly as possible for money, time and cost saving.

Foreign firms’ accreditation

We will conduct all necessary procedures in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and the State Registration Chamber (SRC) and if needed in the Industrial Trade Chamber of the Russian Federation. We will obtain admittances required for introducing alterations in the SRC Consolidated State Register. We will carry out all organisation activities aimed at representing your firm in Russia and register branches together with representative offices.
There are a lot of foreign firms having entered Russian market with our help among our clients.

Office searching and bookkeeping

The majority of companies are not able to expand their business for a single reason - lack of a good office. LAC Pactum will help any firm in office searching and renting. If you address to us you will save time and money, and receive a perfect result. We are glad to offer you firm’s full bookkeeping, report delivery and personnel maintenance as well.

Website creation, SEO promotion and Internet advertising campaign conduction.

Nowadays no serious business can exist without its own Internet page. LAC Pactum can not only help with single website creation, but provide promotion and Internet advertising campaign as well. Some companies with just little awareness of Internet mechanism consider one page be enough. Unfortunately it’s not true. People will have opportunity to find it but there will be a few of them without quality work and advertising. One can make the following comparison - if an office is bought or rent with no information of its phone or address, no person will be able to find it. LAC Pactum company takes the task of Internet customer acquisition.